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A soft buzz is in the air.  Children are busy... building and exploring, creating and imagining.  The room is peaceful, with teachers quietly engaged posing positive challenges and responding to children's ideas. 
Our program is unique.  The children inspire our curriculum.  We do not follow a set schedule, but rather a set of goals for each individual child.  Essentially each child has their own individual curriculum that is thoughtfully designed to challenge and encourage learning through play. 
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Infants & Toddlers

The infant classroom offers a peaceful, warm environment. Our teachers offer the loving care that is crucial to an infant’s sense of emotional well being. This program encourages the child’s physical and social growth, and also provides for their need of quiet, engaging activities.

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Our early preschool room provides multiple opportunities for the growth and development of motor, language, math and social skills. Our goal is to develop self-esteem and independence through hands on experiences.

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​The preschool classroom is designed to inspire curiosity and independence. Our learning materials and teaching methods combine to refine the student’s fine motor skills, concentration and problem solving abilities. Preschool is where they will begin to establish their foundation in reading, writing, math and science through child-initiated experiences. 

Such a wonderful place. My daughter is so happy when I drop her off, and when I pick her up! She’s learning so much everyday with an awesome staff that clearly loves what they do!

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